Beth Moran, ARNP
Beth Moran, Nurse Practitioner, has over 30 years experience in assisting clients in finding their path to wellness.

She is a graduate of Pennsylvania Hospital, Mary Mount Manhattan College and the Margaret Sanger Center. Beth has extensive experience in holistic health care, surgery, oncology, administration, and teaching. She has provided workshops nationally on PMS, perimenopause, menopause, sexuality, wellness, psychoneuroimmunology, entrepreneurship and advocacy.
Beth has been a guest lecturer at Stony Brook University. She has also been interviewed on CBS, The McNeil Lehrer Report, Medical News Network, The Gar Beth Moran is also a co-founder of The Guild of Holistic Practitioners, and has been a pioneer in the field of holistic health care on the East End ofy Null Show and numerous other TV and radio shows. For five years, Beth hosted her own TV show on Cablevision, interviewing holistic health care providers. Beth Moran is the author of Intuitive Healing - A Woman’s Guide To Finding The Healer Within, which gives a great deal of information about the mind and body and encourages patients to listen and advocate for themselves.

Long Island for many years.

The Practice of Beth Moran
The practice is based on the mind / body / spirit connection recognizing that the client is a whole being. All aspects of the client’s life are discussed: nutrition, environment, relationships, work, sexuality, spirituality, past experiences and treatments.
Clients are encouraged to obtain information about their bodies and minds through books, tapes, conferences, classes, the internet and other resources. Modalities such as acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, massage, yoga, meditation, Chi Gung, counseling, supplements, healing touch and energy work are reviewed.
Beth helps clients listen to their intuition and provides a great deal of information to help them make choices consistent with their belief systems. She provides a balanced, innovative approach to pro-actively create health on all levels. Beth believes that clients should take responsibility for their own health and she helps them to advocate for what they want.
Beth discusses natural approaches to healing such as herbs, vitamins, Bio Identical Hormones and prescriptions, depending on the situation. It is always the patient’s choice. Healing Touch is offered, which helps the body to heal itself, and opens and balances the chakras.

Integrated Wellness: 3204 Tanglewood Drive, Sarasota, Florida 34239
349 Meeting House Lane, Southampton, NY 11968
phone: 941-925-7872, fax: 631.919.1677
e-mail: Beth@BethMoran.net